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Get to know Lauryn

I’ve always loved real estate and I have my dad to thank for my decision to work in the industry. I would often help him with home improvement projects as a kid and he would talk to me about the importance of buying property as soon as I was able. I took these lessons to heart, and one of the first things I did after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2008 was buy my first home, a condo in San Diego. Not only did I love the home buying experience, but I learned early on that homeownership helped me build wealth and instilled in me a sense of pride of what I was capable of doing on my own. 


My interest in real estate never waned as I spent eight and a half years in the Navy. My service was truly an adventure: I led teams, drove warships (including aircraft carriers), moved eight times and lived overseas twice, and served as a communications advisor to some of the military’s most senior leaders at the Pentagon and throughout Southeast Asia. Since leaving the Navy and moving to Colorado in 2016, I worked as an advisor for Denver/Boulder tech startups and at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) before transitioning to a full-time career as a professional real estate agent.


What I enjoy most about being a realtor is that my job combines my love of real estate with my honed skills as a strategic advisor. I recognize that every one of my clients is unique and I prioritize building relationships first so that I can develop a real estate strategy tailored to their specific wants and needs. I’ve found that not only does this approach help my clients achieve their goals, but it also has the added bonus of developing meaningful relationships that transcend the transaction. 

When I'm not doing the job I love, I am exploring all that Colorado has to offer with my husband and two dogs. From skiing in the winter, to hiking and camping in the summer, there's always something new to discover in this incredible state. Having lived all across the country and around the world, Colorado has become our final "homeport" and we can't imagine living anywhere else!

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